How Becky cleared up her acne without medication

Posted September 2022

How Becky cleared up her acne without medication - The Collagen Co.

Dealing with acne for several years can take a toll on your self-esteem and mental health. Here's Becky's story on how she combated acne.

I’ve been dealing with acne since my teenage years, and it got worse as I got older. I went on the pill for 10 years which helped calm the acne but when I got off it at the age of 23, it returned after a few months.

I didn’t want to go on the pill again, so I tested and spent so much money on skincare creams and cleansers that claimed to treat acne. None of them worked for me 😔

After some research, I came across The Collagen co and thought I’ll give it a shot. In just two weeks, I saw visible results! The swelling and redness calm down around my cheeks and chin. After using it consistently for 4 weeks (along with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise), the pimples cleared up, my skin looked more hydrated and my nails were stronger 🤩

I drink 1 serving (Passionfruit Mango is the bomb!) in the morning with my supplements! Honestly just love having it with water tastes amazing.

I highly recommend The Collagen Co, possibly the best collagen I’ve ever taken. Visible results in only 4 weeks and it tastes great! 😋

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