Get your daily dose of collagen with this sleek infuser. Pair your peptides with water or your favourite fruit and herbs for hydration with added benefits.

    • Durable borosilicate glass design (BPA Free)
    • Stainless Steel Fruit Infuser
    • Reusable eco-friendly bottle
    • Built in handle for life on the go
    • Capacity - 500ml

    A beautiful, minimalist and leak-proof design that allows you to fit collagen in with your life.

    Made from a thick borosilicate glass, the infuser allows you to pair your collagen peptides with water or fruit and herbs with the added benefits. The leak proof lid means you can just throw your bottle in your bag when you are on the go.

    How to Use

    The infuser allows you to customise your collagen to suit your mood. Use the fruit infuser to pair your peptides with fruit and herbs for a refreshing (and totally good for you) cocktail. 

    Remove the infuser entirely to mix your premium collagen peptides with water and carry as a reusable water bottle, keeping you hydrated and maximising the benefits of collagen throughout the day.

                health + hydration = the collagen co

                Choose to reuse and take your hydration to the next level. Our eco-friendly fruit and tea infuser is made from a sturdy borosilicate glass that’s heat and cold resistant. Plus it’s BPA free which means there’s no nasty toxins making their way into your body. With a clever two-part infuser you can mix your collagen with fruit, herbs, tea or plain ol’ water. How will you take yours?

                Collagen infuser bottle filling up with fruit