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    How much collagen should you (actually) be taking per day? Whilst there are no official guidelines (e.g., RDA) to assess just how much collagen should be taken per day, the good news is there are a growing number of clinical studies centered around collagen supplementation.

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    Consider this for a moment. Collagen is defined as the major insoluble fibrous protein naturally produced in the bodies of animals, especially vertebrates (e.g., humans). The keyword here: "animals”. Now, given that veganism is all about steering clear of animal and animal byproduct consumption, the term "vegan collagen" would seem to be an oxymoron – or just downright impossible. And yet, a quick Google search turns up thousands of "plant-based collagen" supplements. So what's up with that? Let’s explore.

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    When you first saw your friends jump aboard the collagen supplement trend, you decided to play it cool for a little bit: after all, who knows if drinking collagen can really give you younger-looking, firmer skin.

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    This is our favourite healthy brownie recipe: fudgy, rich and refined sugar FREE! Throw away the box brownies and make these addictive, easy collagen brownies... that are not only Gluten Free, but have our secret ingredient for beauty from the inside out: Our Premium Collagen Peptides! 

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