“Woah, did you do something different to your hair?” — your hairdresser

    Fast-growing, thick, full, and bouncy hair doesn't have to remain a fantasy. Our collagen peptides transform thin, brittle, and lifeless tresses from the root (literally!) by supporting optimal scalp health and providing essential hair-building nutrients....

    • Optimises scalp health to reduce shedding and encourage growth
    • Provides much-needed amino acids for healthier, shinier hair
    • Shields hair follicles from harmful free radicals

    Nourishes hair from the inside out. From root to tip. Get ready for silky-soft, gorgeously glossy and voluminous results.

    Starting from your 20s, your scalp loses more collagen and elastin than it replaces (X). The result? Weak and dull strands that are prone to breakage and annoying split ends. So, for locks that truly look and feel their best, you'll have to support them where they grow. That’s where our collagen peptides come in.

    • Promotes scalp health and, in turn, healthy hair growth cycles
      Your hair follicles are found on your scalp. Any volume loss in your scalp (because of declining collagen and elastin levels) would thus threaten healthy hair growth.
      Don’t worry: our collagen peptides are ready to help. By increasing the number and activity of collagen-producing fibroblasts, they help “bulk up” your scalp’s thickness, improving its ability to grow new hair follicles and nourish existing ones.
    • Provides the necessary building blocks for hair growth
      Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. That means your body needs amino acids to synthesise it. And what’s a wonderful source? That’s right: our collagen peptides.
    • Fights free radical damage to hair follicles
      After exposure to environmental stressors like UV rays, your body could make excessive amounts of free radicals in response. These unstable molecules are out to steal electrons from whatever they can get their hands on. And that includes your hair follicles.
      Fortunately, collagen peptides are strong antioxidants that can bind and remove harmful free radicals in the skin — protecting your hair follicles from oxidative damage. Healthy hair follicles = healthier, swish-worthy tresses.

    Our collagen peptides can do more than restore volume and health to your hair

    • SKIN: Provides vital nourishment to revive dull-, tired-looking complexions
    • NAILS: Boosts your nails’ shine, thickness, and strength
    • GUT HEALTH: Supports gut lining health for optimal well-being
    • JOINTS: Minimises joint inflammation, pain, and discomfort
    • WEIGHT LOSS: Decreases the accumulation and development of fat cells
    • IMMUNITY: Promotes well-functioning immune system defences
    • PREGNANCY: Supports mums in meeting their (increased) daily nutritional needs

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